COVID-19 Test Solutions in Hotels & Resorts

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the hospitality and event industry like no other crisis in the post-war era. Both industries have seen a complete shut-down and besides some moments of slight recovery in between, the business has not yet come back.
Our primary goal is to change this issue and make sure hotels & resorts will be able to re-open, stay open, receive guests and organize events. The only key to success is to minimize risk for guests and staff as much as possible.

Hotels, resorts, convention centers and meeting & event venues must find a way to create safer environments for their staff and guests, giving them the confidence to return and meet face-to-face for business and pleasure.

RENT-A-RESORT works with hotels & resorts all over the world organizing exclusive events for clients who wish to be in full privacy at the property of their choice. This private bubble limits the risk of spreading COVID-19 as it will be much easier to control. In order to create the ultimate safe environment within this bubble, we decided to launch a partnership with Eurofins, World Leader in Testing for Life with laboratories all over the world.

Being a preferred partner of Eurofins for hotels & resorts, we decided to not only focus on the highest possible safety of our RENT-A-RESORT clients but to also act as partner for the entire hotel & resort industry and provide them with the right testing solution as a service to their guests, no matter if individual guests or groups and events.
For that reason, we have negotiated special rates and conditions for hotel chains, but especially for individual hotels that usually don´t benefit from the negotiation power of a big brand and the head office doing the job for them. RENT-A-RESORT has already done the job!

Test Solutions at negotiated partner rates & conditions – far below market prices!

PCR klein

PCR Testing for clients & staff


Rapid Antigen Testing for clients & staff

Disinfection and cleaning in clinic with Covid-19 patients

Testing the entire hotel or resort – wastewater and/or surfaces

Allow your guests to keep peace of mind by providing COVID testing as a service in your venue

Eurofins will make sure COVID-19 tests take place directly in your hotel so you do not need to send your guests anywhere else. The guests will make a direct payment to Eurofins or you can become partner yourself and decide if you wish to finance this as a service to your guests or pass it through your own accounting.
Thanks to the RENT-A-RESORT / Eurofins partner conditions, as a hotel, resort or event planner you will benefit from prices far below market rates!
You simply choose the days (for a hotel usually the big days of arrival & departure) and trained medical staff will come to your property and take care of the testing.
Apart from PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests for guests and staff, you can also test the entire property through methods like wastewater or surface testing which indicate whether there is or has been any Coronavirus infection within your property.

The RENT-A-RESORT / Eurofins partnership offers a complete range of solutions in order to ensure you have the appropriate risk management protocols in place and also proactive monitoring strategies to limit the impact of COVID-19 in your establishment.

Hotel Service Staff with Champagne

Thanks to our partnership with Eurofins we want to contribute in the name of the entire hospitality and events industry, that travelling and events will be possible again in a safe environment.
Our mission is “safety first” and safety is the only key to bring our business back.

For further details on how to make your hotel / resort or event covid free please email us.