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We will book your resort exclusively

RENT-A-RESORT is the only venue finder specialized in exclusive rentals of hotels & resorts (buyouts)

Thanks to our expertise in both hotel sales and revenue management we understand that renting your entire resort for a few nights to just one client (e.g. a company) can definitely be most profitable as long as you can rest assured that you don´t lose out on your normal leisure or group reservations. The resorts then either add this possible profit loss to the price for the buyout – which then might be too high for the client – or they decide not to sell any buyouts at all.

The best solution, however, is to choose a date when selling an exclusivity is profitable for you – like a season extension before or after the official season opening dates, or a gap to be filled due to low occupancy within the season. Or why not simply add another buyout right before or right after an already booked one in order to keep your occupancy rate on a constant level.

This is where we can help you as our clients are interested in finding the best possible buyout opportunities.
RENT-A-RESORT builds the perfect synergy between hotels & resorts and event planners worldwide by finding privatized properties for their events.
Our service is free of charge for both suppliers and buyers and will only be remunerated with a commission once a deal is signed.

Our mission is to not wait until we receive a request but be able to propose attractive opportunities for exclusive bookings to our clients beforehand. This way their requests might adapt to the opportunities we are able to propose beforehand, and consequently our clients benefit from attractive quotes, and our  hotel & resort partners get better leads.


You want RENT-A-RESORT to promote potential buyout dates?

We invite hotels and resorts to provide us with dates / slots / gaps  for potential exclusive rentals along with their starting from prices we can then publish on our website and communicate to our clients via several other channels.

The dates need to be available for full buyouts and be attractive in terms of the time of the year (e.g. the winter months in the Mediterranean are not interesting) and preferably attractive in terms of pricing. If we consider the resort along with the buyout dates and price to be a good opportunity we will be happy to promote it. This service is free of charge and only commission applies when a deal is signed. Logically, the higher the commission the resorts grant us, the more effective our promotion.

If you wish your buyouts opportunities to be promoted free of charge please feel free to fill out the form below. Kindly keep in mind that we will always re-contact you to re-confirm availabilities and prices before any quote is confirmed to the client. Therefore no options or room blockings are necessary and there is no risk for the resorts at all. We totally understand that you continue with your normal bookings and the given buyout opportunities might simply no longer available at a later stage.

Example of how RENT-A-RESORT Opportunities are published:

F&B included: Bed & Breakfast
Price* per night from: USD 7,950

Kindly fill out this form to have your hotel/resort included in our promotion for buyouts:




(if you wish to publish more than 1 date - leave blank otherwise)


For sending us pictures and/or for any questions please contact our Resort Relations Manager Miriam at m.lisa[at]