A Destination Wedding at Pueblo Bonito Resort (Mexico) in June 2021

Our clients Tyler Jensen and Jacquie Cheun-Jensen were married at Pueblo Bonito Resort on June 7th, 2021.
The happy American couple has booked the Mexican Beach Resort via RENT-A-RESORT for this amazing event.
A video says more than thousand words so you can get a very good impression about their dream wedding below.

What the bride and groom say…

Crashing waves, warm sun through the trees and clouds with a cocktail in hand. For many people, this is the ideal spot to be for a vacation. Regardless of your preference for a quiet mountain town, a church in a busy city, or otherwise, there is something special about combining a vacation with tying the knot. It takes just as much, if not more, planning to arrange a destination wedding. There are many aspects to a destination wedding that make it worth considering, especially when you have an entire hotel at your disposal. Hotel buyouts are becoming more popular for weddings because they offer affordable options for your event, take care of all the heavy lifting so you can spend more time with your family and guests, and remarkably they are priced competitively with cities in the US.
With family living in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, we were stuck choosing between paying destination prices locally or having a destination wedding abroad. On top of that, family and many guests would be stuck paying for travel and hotels like a destination wedding regardless of where we were getting married. Many of the local venues we checked wanted at least $10,000 for just using the space before other charges and fees so we starting looking abroad and found Pueblo Bonito Pacifica through RENT-A-RESORT. Using a standard wedding package as a baseline, RENT-A-RESORT gave us a representative that helped negotiate a contract with Pueblo Bonito Pacifica for a complete buyout that made our event cheaper than having a wedding locally. Here are three of our favorite benefits that were only possible through a full buyout.

THE PRICE: Affording a large wedding for 300 guests was a challenge from the start, but a hotel buyout helped us save quite a bit. The buyout allowed us to get the best price for our guests, the nightly room rates were sometimes more than 50% off the standard price, all-inclusive food and drink packages were free for all guests staying at the hotel, and our food costs were around $40 per guest for the reception with the quality of food being the best across most resorts in Cabo San Lucas. The buyout also let us negotiate free massages and spa treatments, we could choose our vendors instead of working with hotel partners, and discounted amenities like golfing or snorkeling.

THE STAFF: One of the best values of a destination wedding is getting a wedding coordinator for your event that works at the hotel. Our event coordinator, Gabriela Nagai, was phenomenal at having everything organized and planned to the minute. She was an absolute gem to work with and knows how to create a beautiful event within a budget. In addition to the event coordinator, you also get the entire hotel staff focused on your event. With the hotel buyout we didn’t need to worry about decoration, organizing food or vendors, and didn’t have to make sure our guests were being taken care of. The hotel staff is excited to help because they know its just one giant party for the length of the buyout.

THE RULES CHANGE: During our buyout, hotel bars and restaurants never closed too early, service at the hot tub didn’t slow down after sunset, and no one mentioned curfew or issues with loud noise. With the hotel buyout you get whatever service you need within reason. Don’t expect hotel management to open a bar at 4am because you’re thirsty, but you also don’t have to worry about a bar closing at 11pm even though it’s packed with your night owl guests or having a knock at your hotel door because the 20 people in your suite are making too much noise at midnight.
It took plenty of negotiating, organizing, and planning between our engagement and wedding ceremony, but on June 7th, 2021 we celebrated with 300 of our family and friends. We partied every day of the buyout, have hundreds of photos to memorialize the event, and none of our guests left Pueblo Bonito Pacifica short on memories. After all that, our guests paid less than if we had married in Reno or Las Vegas and we somehow managed to save money compared to what we would have spent if we got married locally.
There are hotels big and small that are excited to host your wedding. Consider a destination wedding with a hotel buyout before you give $10,000 to the venue down the street for the right to sit on their grass for 4 hours. A wedding should be enjoyed by all your guests, should be stress-free, and you shouldn’t need to worry about talking about final bills with vendors at the end of the night. Oh, and ask for fireworks too. The two-minute show directly above our poolside reception was our favorite surprise to our guests since everyone who attended helped us make our wedding so special.

Tyler Jensen and Jacquie Cheun-Jensen were married at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica on June 7th, 2021. Their wedding website is jensen2021.minted.us