Private Island Selection: New RENT-A-RESORT Portfolio Launched

RENT-A-RESORT is the leading specialist for ultra-private hotel & resort buyouts. The agency works with luxury partners worldwide to provide ultra-private solutions – meaning no other guests are present and absolute privacy is guaranteed. Some of the finest and most exclusive retreats are represented in the RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION.

Private Island Resort (Sardinia)

The latest RENT-A-RESORT project is a selection of PRIVATE ISLANDS that went online in November 2020. Many island resorts are in the RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION already, but due to the increase in demand, it has been decided to launch a special section dedicated only to private islands. Clients can from now on enjoy a Robinson Crusoe experience and the certainty that they won’t run into anyone except their own guests or the hotel staff!

A full island buyout guarantees 100% privacy which has never been a better argument than during the pandemic. Indeed Covid-19 played a role in launching this new section as there was clearly an increased demand in private luxury islands – especially during the lock-down in Europe 2020. However an island buyout is not only a protection against a pandemic but the perfect solution for a corporate event or private celebration in full privacy!