Resorts & Retreats Award 2021 goes to RENT-A-RESORT

UNITED KINGDOM, 2021– LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2021 Resorts & Retreats Awards.

The resorts and retreats industry is a multi-trillion dollar leviathan that – in many cases – single-handedly fuels economies. That much remains true even considering the disruptive uncertainty that 2020 brought upon the industry. Today, it remains as competitive as ever, with success being intrinsically tied to expertise, experience, and client-centricity. This is, above all else, a sphere defined by the pursuit for perfection.

LUXlife launched the Resorts & Retreats Awards almost a decade ago to recognise those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, products and services all over the globe. From established stalwarts, to up and coming newcomers, we endeavour to seek out the paragons who lead the pack and set the pace for all others to follow.

Awards Coordinator Holly Morris took a moment to comment on the extraordinary achievements of those recognised: “The importance of the hospitality industry cannot be overstated, with establishments of all shapes and sizes and in all locations creating exquisite memories for people all over the world. With this, I offer my sincere congratulations to all of those recognised and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the year ahead.”

RENT-A-RESORT is the only agency worldwide 100% specialized in private resorts & retreats. It is a big honor to be awarded as Specialist Resort Buyout Agency of the Year 2021.