New Product Line: Self-Isolation Luxury Retreats

The leading specialist in privatized Hotels & Resorts launches a product line for “Self-Isolation Luxury Retreats”.
“Post-Corona” Campaign taking advantage of a new niche in the Tourism industry.

Since 2015, RENT-A-RESORT supports event planners in the search and selection of suitable hotels & resorts available for buyouts (exclusive rentals) for events of all kinds – from corporate incentives and conferences to private events like weddings.
RENT-A-RESORT.LUXE is a sub-brand created in 2019 and focused on luxury properties only.
Like for the entire tourism industry, the Covid-19 crisis stopped the activities of the coming months for RENT-A-RESORT. But the leading specialist for Hotel & Resort Buyouts identified a totally new demand arising from the crisis: Self-Isolation in Luxury Retreats.
This new client segment consists mainly of the private sector like wealthy families or friends who wish to spend their holidays or celebrate their events in safety – isolated from the outside world.
RENT-A-RESORT.LUXE is the perfect supplier to satisfy this demand as the product is already there but just needs to be adapted to the new trend and shaped into a worldwide campaign. Therefore, a safety package has been created combining the private luxury retreat with private jets, private transfers and butler & concierge services in order to guarantee full safety and privacy throughout the stay.
“When the crisis hit us in March, we felt quite helpless as our business suddenly seemed totally useless. However, we have finally found a new niche within the niche we are already covering as the leading specialist. We are having big losses due to cancellations all over 2020 but we might get out of the crisis stronger than we entered” says founder Daniel Rudolf.
RENT-A-RESORT launches the “Post-Corona Campaign” together with several luxury retreats like Shanti Maurice (Mauritius – see picture above) who have worked on a safety plan to welcome this new type of clientele. Also, corporate clients are expected to come back in the next step as their events require absolute privacy with as little interaction with the outside world as possible.
This service goes out both to private clients and corporates, yet also to travel- and event agencies worldwide.

RENT-A-RESORT was launched in 2015 as the only agency specialized in exclusive rentals of hotels & resorts. Founded in Germany, it quickly expanded to European and international markets with representatives in different regions.
The RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION was created in 2019 and covers the most suitable properties for buyouts. It may be described as the only hotel listing that provides all essential information event planners require to book a privatized hotel or resort.
Hit hard by Covid-19, the Selection of “Self-Isolation Luxury Retreats” has been launched in May 2020.