Sustainable & Green Incentives in Resorts

Do good and talk about it…
For sure this is the best you can do for your personal clean conscience – yet also to get some positive press and a green and clean reputation for your company.

So how about combining your next corporate incentive event with creating a positive green impact on our environment?

Indeed, once the pandemic reaches its end, social and environmental sustainability will be coming back on the agenda.
RENT-A-RESORT is anticipating this new trend together with some of its best partner resorts, and offers sustainable green incentive programmes that can be booked in addition to events in private hotels & resorts.

The ecological footprint of a company incentive taking place in a resort that cannot be reached other than by plane seems massive. However, it can be reduced through environmental-friendly actions. And the good thing is that this action can even be fun for all participants. For example, snorkelling and diving for plastic trash together with colleagues from a software company sounds like a lot of fun, and at the same time it’s so much more eco-friendly than going for a Jeep Rallye polluting the planet even further – just for fun…!

It feels so much better and it will create perfect stories and pictures for social media and also a clean and green image!

We have 2 examples of resorts that have anticipated this trend:

Eco-Resort Club Med Seychelles

Club Med Seychelles

This private island resort is not just adding some “green image” to an existing infrastructure but it is also a brand new eco-certified Resort, entirely committed to preserving nature and the treasures of the Seychelles.

MICE clients will not only benefit from the luxury and tranquillity of a private island totally in harmony with the ocean and nature, but they can also participate in saving our planet earth through dedicated incentive programs like:

* Pedagogical Snorkelling and Coral Reef Restoration. Placing coral reef back into the water and visiting the coral nursery.

* Scientific survey and rising awareness/protection during marine hawksbill Turtles nesting season (in close concertation with the government)

* Replanting of many endemic, rare and unique plants found only in Seychelles or in the Indian Ocean area.

It’s worth mentioning that Sustainability has been part of the “Club Med Journey” right from its beginning and especially since the creation of the Club Med Foundation in 1978. So this is not just a trend but an ongoing process!

INPRIVA Private Resort Dalmatia

INPRIVA Private Resort Dalmatia

Situated on a small island in front of Dubrovnik, this RENT-A-RESORT partner resort is surrounded by nature which is meant to be preserved.

A very creative incentives program has been created for this season 2021: Cleaning plastic from the surrounding sea and beaches.

The resort distributes scuba masks and even diving equipment for those who hold a diving license, and then the group will go plastic-hunting in the sea. The ones that do not want to get wet can stay on land and collect plastic on the beach. This sure sounds like a sun & fun day with lots of adventure, and at the same time has a green impact on our planet and creates a good conscience and green image!

We all hope that sustainability is not just a trend, but we will all change our behaviour. And the best way to make sustainability sustainable is to add some fun to it!