“Zenventure” by Club Med – what this new travel- and lifestyle concept means for MICE and Resort Buyouts

Since its inception, Club Med has taken a forward-thinking and pioneering approach to the way people holiday. From the creation of the all-inclusive model through to an upscale overhaul at the turn of the century to become a luxury to be enjoyed together.

Club Med has always been one of the top partners of RENT-A-RESORT since Club Med Resorts are simply perfectly adapted to resort buyouts for events of all kinds. Especially in low season, the Premium All-Inclusive Resorts along with the entire infrastructure for excellent gastronomy, entertainment, sports and much more can be easily transformed into an event location for company retreats or other events.

Unlike most regular hotels where the event planner buys nothing but a number of rooms, the Club Med concept is much more than a hotel – it’s an entire entertainment concept which can be adapted to the needs of the event. Club Med, like no other resort chain, knows how to entertain people – so if they give an excellent service to their guests during the entire season why should they not do the same for a company event?

And since the launch of the so called “Exclusive Collection in 2007”, Club Med has 5* resorts in the portfolio which are perfectly in line with the standard of a luxury resort. The only difference is that despite the luxury, the Club Med spirit and soul is still present. This is where we can create an event of the highest standard without missing out on the fun we would expect from a Club Med holiday!

RENT-A-RESORT is 100% convinced of the Club Med buyout concept and therefore we became partners years ago. Our clients are a reference for this success story!

But that’s not all…

Club Med is again innovating the holiday experience through the creation of the brand new travel- and lifestyle concept of Zenventure.

This new style of travelling/ holidaying embodies the combination of adventure and relaxation, mindfulness, culinary enjoyment, design and luxury, while staying true to Club Med’s ethos and historical roots.

Zenventure stands for an optimal balance of adventure and relaxation. The concept is thus based on the four core aspects of exploration & adventure, relaxation & mindfulness, design & luxury and culinary & indulgence, all of which combined to create a balanced luxurious overall experience.

Flagship of the new concept will be the brand-new Exclusive Collection (and private island) resort in the Seychelles – a destination which offers extraordinary nature in a luxurious setting that relaxes the soul, as well as thrilling adventure activities on tap.

Nathalie Rohmer, Managing Director of Club Med Germany, states: “With Zenventure we combine our mission of creating moments of happiness with the current needs of people. As our study and many expert assessments show, the trend goes towards a travel- and lifestyle that harmoniously connects different facets of experience. Never before, the right balance in life has been more important than now. We have seen that the vast majority of the population is currently feeling stressed and wishes for more quality time together.”

So what does Zenventure mean for MICE and Resort Buyouts?

The concept of Zenventure is an evolution of a trend for demanding more from holidays that has sped up during the pandemic, and now meets the needs of the newly emerged Generation Corona. This ‘Generation C,’ as futurologist Tristan Horx describes it, will follow the motto ‘quality instead of quantity’ more than ever and stands for ‘more quality of life, more sustainability, less growth mania and environmental blindness.’

This is not only true for leisure holidays but also for business travel and company events. The post-pandemic period is expected to see a trend for more private company retreats as a result of more home office work and in order to get the teams meet physically without being disturbed by other guests.

Zenventure by Club Med can be the answer for the events taking place after the pandemic. Especially true for the 2 private islands Seychelles and Finolhu Villas which are part of the RENT-A-RESORT Private Island Selection, and in addition to Zenventure provide this very special feeling!

Kerstin Jung, Sales Manager Meetings & Events by Club Med, adds: “Our clients do not book a number of rooms but they book a unique concept where their event perfectly fits in! From a MICE point of view, Zenventure defines this concept as a combination of work, relaxation and adventure. This is indeed the best moment to launch it!”