Club Med 2_Sailing boat
Club Med 2_Sailing boat


What about a cruise ship just for you?

With hundreds of ships to select from, where do you start? We will help event planners to locate the right ship for cruise charters! No matter if you require a luxury yacht with 20 cabins or a cruise vessel with 400 cabins and more, we will find you the right private charter for your event. Your cruise will be 100% personalized and you will be the captain on board of your own cruise ship!

Below we present a few examples of cruise ships we work with. For a personalized quote kindly fill out our Request for Proposal or contact us.

Mediterranean - Caribbean
Rooms: 56
Price* per night from: EUR 65,000
F&B included: All Inclusive
France - Rhone/Saone
Rooms: 86
Price* per night from: on request
F&B included: All Inclusive
Mediterranean - Caribbean
Rooms: 180
Price* per night from: EUR 110,000
F&B included: All Inclusive


Feel free to send us your request for a tailor-made proposal.

RENT-A-CRUISE is an inhouse brand of RENT-A-RESORT and we are your partner when it comes to chartering cruise ships!

A cruise charter guarantees full privacy on board of vessel which will be 100% dedicated to you and your event. You can even decide where to navigate and where to set anchor as long as it is possible nautical-wise.

A privatized cruise ship works just like a privatized resort but it gives you even more intimacy as you are far out in the sea with virtually no connection to the mainland. No restrictions in terms of noise, no interacting guests, no compromise – the cruise is all yours! You are the captain!


You might know the difference between a Four Seasons Resort and a St. Regis (which is not so obvious to be honest…) but do you know the difference between Ponant Cruises and SeaDream? Well, how would you know… Obviously due to different restrictions you cannot visit several cruise ships by yourself as you could do with hotels.


What is even more challenging without a cruise broker is to find an empty cruise slot. This is by far the biggest obstacle as you cannot simply book a privatized cruise ship when it suits you. Obviously it has to fit into the regular cruise calendar which, on top of everything, is planned at least 2 years in advance. You can book out a week if cabins are still available but this means 3 empty nights if you only require a 4-night cruise. And you are no longer flexible when it comes to the itinerary as the ship is already scheduled at some port before and after your private cruise.

RENT-A-CRUISE will face the same challenges obviously. However, we do know how to deal with it as it’s our job. We know which ships will be potentially available for charters and we interact with other cruise brokers to fill empty slots.


Then we will negotiate charter rates for you which contain all relevant costs. Unlike most hotels there will be very little extra costs to add in the end, and this gives you complete cost transparency. We make sure you will know the final costs before signing anything!


As soon as you have found your private cruise ship to rent exclusively, keep in mind that there will be a few additional challenges like security measures and customs. When you organize your event on a ship you cannot bring on board whatever you wish, like you would do in a hotel. You need to declare items beforehand, and they need to be fire-resistant just to name a common example.

RENT-A-CRUISE will find you the right slot for your cruise charter and provide you with the necessary information in order to organize your event on board.

Since we are a venue finder in the first place, we will not interfere in your event management; but we will make sure you get the most suitable ship for your date and itinerary, and, if you wish, will also act as your consultant. This part will be free of charge for you!

Of course you can also outsource the entire event organization to us thanks to our partner agency.