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How to get there? How to handle your event?

RENT-A-RESORT will be happy to book you a privatized hotel, resort or even a cruise ship. This is probably the first and most important step but you will also require flights and airport transfers to get your group there. You might need some help to organize the event at the chosen venue and possibly also for excursions or event locations outside the venue? Our experience shows that those points are to be clarified before you sign a contract with the venue, and very often our clients consult us in regards. For that reason we partnered up with several organizations in order to deliver all necessary elements of your event as a package, so you don´t have to search around and pick your suppliers one by one. Of course you are free to work with the suppliers of your choice if you need RENT-A-RESORT for sourcing the resort only!
Most of the partners we recommend have worked with us before and only in case of our clients´ satisfaction we choose to start cooperation with them.

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Arrival per Air Charter or Regular Flights?

Choosing the right hotel or resort for exclusive hire always depends on how to bring the defined amount of guests at the defined date to the venue of your choice. This is crucial and should be taken into consideration from the very beginning.
We are big fans of air charters as a privatized airplane allows you to also access secluded regions with the most attractive resorts. Very often a charter requires a higher budget but probably much less than you might imagine. And if you count what you might save on the resort due to a larger choice, at the end of the day it will most probably even be less expensive to charter a plane to e.g. a secluded island than choosing regular flights to a major airport hub. Not to talk about the feeling of having your private airplane waiting for you at the airport – a truly privatized and exclusive event right from the very beginning right through to the end!!!
In order to provide our clients with air transport, we partnered up with PJS – Private Jet Services and  PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions. No matter if you require air tickets or an entire aircraft, our partners will make sure you will get the best flight(s) at the best possible conditions! For further details feel free to contact us or simply ask us to organize flights in the Request for Proposal.

Event Handling, Transfers or Excursions?

You booked a resort for private use along with a flight to bring all participants to the closest airport? Excellent decision and indeed the most important aspects have been taken care of already!

So now you will require an airport transfer to and from the venue. And maybe you plan an excursion to some nice spots in the surrounding areas or you organize parts of your event at an outside location? In most destinations we work with incoming agencies that will be glad to help you with all elements of your event – especially when local knowledge is of importance!
No matter if you only need a bus from the airport to the resort, an excursion or a professional handling of a huge event, we will be happy to link you to our local partner. We always have a solution for you – either we get you in touch with a local agency that can assist you, or you choose RENT-A-RESORT to take care of the entire process beyond the pure venue finding.
For further details feel free to contact us.

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