Top 3 Kosher Hotels & Resorts

For the organization of an event totally in line with the Jewish tradition, what could be better than privatizing a resort for its guests?
RENT-A-RESORT, specialized in exclusive rentals of hotels and resorts, offers several of these private bubbles for its clients. They can be adapted to the specific needs of the celebration, whether it is for a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, or any other celebration of the Jewish calendar.

We are pleased to present our TOP 3 Kosher Resorts around the world:

Event Villa Marbella 5*, Spain

Event Villa Marbella (Spain)

This set of 3 communicating villas, with 27 rooms in total, is located in the heights of Marbella, and offers amazing views and many spaces to organize receptions and dinners.
A kosher caterer can take over the kitchen in order to comply with the Jewish tradition.
A synagogue is conveniently located about 2 kilometers from the villa, and is able to welcome guests during prayer times.
This property is available year round except from mid-July to mid-August, and is therefore the ideal place to plan your Jewish event, whether Passover or a wedding or any other celebration.

You can find further details on this resort here.

INPRIVA Private Retreat Thailand 5*

INPRIVA Private Retreat Thailand

This 10-room resort, situated 1 hour and 15 minutes from Phuket airport, allows you to enjoy special moments with your loved ones without worrying about details.
The resort offers an all-inclusive stay, including services such as children’s activities, massages and cooking workshops.
For a kosher privatization, everything is done in line with the Jewish tradition, starting with the arrival of a Mashgiach to ensure the respect of the Kashrut, and the hotel adapts to each group and time of year, so tailor-made dishes will be served for Pessah.
The attention paid to the guests and their well-being will allow you to spend an exceptional stay and enjoy your time with your entourage without constraints.

You can find further details on this resort here.

INPRIVA Private Retreat Dominican Republic 5*

INPRIVA Private Retreat Dominican Republic

You will be delighted with your stay in this intimate hotel of 14 rooms, located 80 kms from the airports of Samana and Puerto Plata.
The property will be entirely privatized, thus dedicated to your comfort.
The respect of the Kashrut also comes first here, along with proposing a varied and high quality cuisine, as much in the quality of the dishes as in the catering service.
Ideal for a Jewish wedding or celebration, everything is done so that you live an unforgettable experience.

You can find further details on this resort here.