AWARD: Most sustainable Private Islands to rent


Welcome to the first Award! Starting in 2023, our seasonal awards go to the winners of a new category presented by the RENT-A-RESORT team. For spring 2023, we decided to award the most sustainable private islands available for privatisations in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Sustainability has become a key factor in most clients´decision making for booking events at private hotels & resorts. It’s no longer a trend but a fact that is here to stay in order to save our Mother Earth as best as we can.

RENT-A-RESORT is the leader of exclusive rentals of hotels & resorts, and we’ve seen the highest growth in private island rentals presented in our dedicated Private Island Selection.

Sustainability is definitely an issue as those private islands usually offer nothing but pure and unspoilt nature. Operating a hotel in that kind of reserve demands highest social and ecological responsability and the highest respect for our Mother Earth. The following 3 hotels can be rented exclusively, and they have also proven to respect nature to the utmost. Thus they deserve the RENT-A-RESORT Spring Award in the category:



Private Island Club Med Seychelles 5*

Apart from the latest eco-chic Club Med Resort, there is no other hotel on the private island of St. Anne. The rest of the island offers tropical forests and beautiful untouched Robinson-Crusoe-like beaches.
Already years ago, Club Med has started making sure that most resorts are Green Globe certified. Private Island Club Med Seychelles is now on top of the list with actions like the “Bye-Bye Plastics” programme and limited energy consumption. The resort even grows its own plants while using recycled wastewater to treat the gardens and nurseries. Club Med Seychelles works with the Seychelles Agricultural Agency to support the local fruit & vegetable production which is used on-site in the innovative regional cuisine.
This is just to name a few initiatives which make us believe that this island deserves to be awarded one of the top sustainable privates islands to rent for your next event.

You can find further details on this resort here.



Private Island Panama 5*

This island is all about nature with its 400 acres of rainforest.
Clients can rent the island for events, but everything has to be in line with nature conservation and all aspects of sustainability (noise restrictions, etc.). Thus, this island is definitely not the right spot for wild partying, but rather a place to calm down and find your inner peace.

This private island uses renewable materials for sustainable and low-impact construction, and locally-sourced biodegradable products, and it serves all-organic foods. Local staff is hired and educated in an enjoyable, inspiring way along with their local community, and the guests.
The ultimate goal is to live in harmony with the local community and its natural surroundings.

You can find further details on this property here.


– ASIA –

Song Saa Private Island 5*

A first-class luxury hotel on a private island in Cambodia. What makes it sustainable is The Song Saa Foundation which is a non-profit organisation established in 2013. The goal is to protect the habitats of the Koh Rong Archipelago and improve the welfare of its communities.
Song Saa Private Island initiates and promotes projects that restore and regenerate the natural environments in Cambodia. This includes rewilding indigenous fauna and flora, the restoration of rainforest and wetland ecosystems, the conservation of Khmer heritage, and improving the wellbeing of local communities. Projects include Waste Management, Beach Clean-Ups, Sea Turtles, and many more…

You can find further details on this resort here.