RENT-A-RESORT@Event & Conference Hotel Costa Blanca

On the road at the Costa Blanca to experience THE ideal venue for big events providing many different spaces both indoors and outdoors: Event & Conference Hotel Costa Blanca.
If needed, there are 100 one-bedrooms-villas nearby resulting in a total of 400 rooms. This venue is flexible and available for buyouts all year around and that’s why it’s part of the RENT-A-RESORT® COLLECTION!

RENT-A-RESORT@Club Med Le Riad

I went on a site inspection to see our COLLECTION Member Club Med Le Riad, especially after the latest refurbishments. Thanks to Jannika for showing me around!
Club Med Riad is a 5* hotel within a resort – very flexible for buyouts and therefore the perfect partner for RENT-A-RESORT®!

RENT-A-RESORT@Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa

We went to Croatia to meet one of our best, most flexible and valuable partners, Sime and Marin from Bluesun Hotels.
Sime showed me around on the island of Brac where we visited Bluesun Elaphusa Hotel. Fully renovated beach hotel, flexible with buyouts and offering good value for money. Ideal for big events, conferences, incentives and/or company retreats, as well as big private events. A perfect RENT-A-RESORT® Property!

RENT-A-RESORT@Hostal de la Gavina

In the middle of the winter, we went to see our member resort Hostal de la Gavina at the sunny Costa Brava. Thanks to Christian for showing us around! Highest luxury on the Costa Brava. This resort boasts over 2,000m² of garden and terrace space for events of all kinds.

RENT-A-RESORT@Serras Andorra

We drove all the way up to the Pyrenees to explore our latest RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner resort: SERRAS ANDORRA 5*.
Whether in summer or in winter, this high-end luxury boutique resort is ideal for all kinds of events!

RENT-A-RESORT@MyTirol Resort

Very happy to have visited our RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner in Austria: MyTirol Resort.
A great place for events and/or conferences all year round. Summer and winter sports activities, ideal for incentives and/or private groups. Extremely flexible for full resort buyouts!

RENT-A-RESORT@Eco Nature Retreat Barcelona Area

We recently visited our RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner: Eco Nature Retreat Barcelona Area 5*.

This old farmhouse was converted into a 100% Eco-Friendly-Resort, and is situated in a beautiful nature reserve.
Enjoys easy access from Barcelona airport with flights from all over the world, beaches can be reached within 10 minutes, and Barcelona City is just 30 minutes away.
A special venue for company retreats, incentives, private get-togethers and weddings!

RENT-A-RESORT Truffle & Champagne Reception 2023

We had an amazing RENT-A-RESORT Truffle & Champagne Reception during IMEX Frankfurt together with event planners, RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partners and press representatives from all over the world.
Thanks to all guests, partners, friends and colleagues for making this event really unique!

RENT-A-RESORT@Event Finca Mallorca

We checked our RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner: Event Finca Mallorca 4* in Spain.
This historic farmhouse with medieval walls and church dates back to the 13th century and is situated in pure nature in the heart of the island.
Absolutely perfect for small private events and small company retreats.

RENT-A-RESORT@the inauguration of Club Med Magna Marbella

Very happy to have been invited to the inauguration of the RENT-A-REORT Partner Resort “Club Med Magna Marbella” in September 2022.
Just like all members of the RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION, this property can be fully privatized for events. It’s particularly well adapted to conferences thank to an ultra-modern business center.

RENT-A-RESORT@Event Retreat Mauritius

We had the chance to visit our RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner resort: Event Retreat Mauritius 5*.
A small boutique hotel on the beach in the North auf Mauritius Island – ready to be rented exclusively for your wedding or corporate retreat.
Very happy to have talked to Thibaut (Managing Director 20 Degrés Sud) about the potential of this beautiful hotel for corporate and private events.

RENT-A-RESORT@Private Island Seychelles

We had the honor to explore our RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION partner resort: Private Island Seychelles.
Very happy to have talked to Florian (Event Manager BMW – Central & South Eastern Europe) and Burak (Managing Director Enchanted Island Resort) about the potential of this beautiful island for corporate and private events.

Event Scouts@Club Med Seychelles: Interview Thorsten (Creative Consultant)

In October 2021, 9 Event Scouts explored the new Private Island and Eco-Resort Club Med Seychelles. The 9 experienced German event planners have been invited by RENT-A-RESORT in cooperation with Club Med Germany and their mission was to share their feedback in regards to the resort’s suitability for MICE events with a focus on resort buyouts.

Very happy to have talked to Thorsten (Managing Director Creative Consultant) about the potential of the resort for corporate events and resort buyouts in general but especially with focus on the so called “Club Med Spirit” which makes events at Club Med so unique.
This is the difference between a Club Med and a regular resort: This special spirit of happiness which you can only feel but it’s so hard to explain. Thorsten gave it a try 🙂