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Become a RENT-A-RESORT Buyout Retreat

RENT-A-RESORT is the only venue finder specialized in exclusive rentals of hotels & resorts (buyouts).

Thanks to our expertise in both hotel sales and revenue management we understand that renting your entire resort for a few nights to just one client (e.g. a company) can definitely be most profitable as long as you can rest assured that you don´t lose out on your normal leisure or group reservations. The resorts then either add this possible profit loss to the price for the buyout — which then might be too high for the client – or they decide not to sell any buyouts at all.

The best solution, however, is to choose a date when selling an exclusivity is profitable for you – like a season extension before or after the official season opening dates, or a gap to be filled due to low occupancy within the season. Or why not simply add another buyout right before or right after an already booked one in order to keep your occupancy rate on a constant level.

This is where we can help you as our clients are interested in finding the best possible buyout opportunities.
RENT-A-RESORT builds the perfect synergy between hotels & resorts and event planners worldwide by finding privatized properties for their events.
Our service is free of charge for both suppliers and buyers and will only be remunerated with a commission once a deal is signed.

Our mission is to not wait until we receive a request but be able to propose attractive opportunities for exclusive bookings to our clients beforehand. This way their requests might adapt to the opportunities we are able to propose beforehand, and consequently our clients benefit from attractive quotes, and our  hotel & resort partners get better leads.

You want to become a RENT-A-RESORT Buyout Retreat and promote your property for buyouts?

We invite hotels and resorts to become an approved RENT-A-RESORT Buyout Retreat which means to fulfill the criteria set by RENT-A-RESORT in regards to product & service standard, availability and flexibility concerning full buyout rentals.
You will then provide us with basic information and dates / slots / gaps  for potential exclusive rentals so we can react quickly once a client request for a privatized hotel or resort comes in.
The information will be included in our hotel & resort database which serves as our main tool for finding the perfect property for our clients.
You may then use the logo below to show your potential clients that you are well adapted to buyouts!
If you wish to register your hotel or resort feel free to contact our Resort Relations Manager Miriam at info[at]


The RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION is the only hotel selection that provides all the necessary information to event planners in need of a privatized hotel or resort for their events.
This selection consists of our preferred and most suitable RENT-A-RESORT partner hotels & resorts for privatizations.

You feel like your hotel, retreat or resort should be part of our COLLECTION?
The basic condition for a membership is to become an approved Buyout Retreat. The resort needs to be attractive for event planners seeking privatized hotels & resorts and it has to fit into the COLLECTION in regards to different criteria we will need to discuss individually.
Contact us for further membership conditions.